The New Familiar


New is good. New keeps you curious and moving forward. Familiar allows you to settle in and feel at home. It feels natural and relaxed. At Province Springs, a new senior living community in Colorado Springs, you’re invited to keep your familiar while adding a dash of new.


Your home is where you relax and unwind. It’s where you host celebrations, small gatherings and nights in. It’s your place to make your own. So, it’s no surprise that American Seniors Housing Association research shows that overall satisfaction with your living environment depends on how strongly you feel “at home.” While the feeling of being at home includes the level of comfort and quality of your community, it also consists of the connection you feel with the staff and residents, and the sense of control and independence you have there.

Recognizing that independent living is about more than just a beautiful apartment, Province also offers the best-in-class wellness services and amenities including a spa, a salon, an indoor pool and a fitness center. They have partnered with renowned American Southwest chef and Food Network star, Beau MacMillan on their dining experiences, where you can enjoy innovative seasonal menus and flexible dining options that allow you to choose when and where you want to eat. 


Older people are more healthy and active than ever. That’s why Province is built on the six pillars of wellness, that together, keep you connected, engaged and curious.

  1. Physical – Best-in-class dining experiences, nutritional oversight, exercise and fitness programs create your ideal physical environment.
  2. Social – Individually tailored opportunities for you to interact with friends, family and neighbors.
  3. Intellectual – Classes and learning opportunities that promote sharing your personal experiences and discovering new ideas.
  4. Spiritual – An open and inclusive community where you can explore your beliefs, deepen your relationship to something larger and cultivate meaningful connections with others.
  5. Emotional – Room to enhance your most important relationships and learn how to manage conflict and changes throughout life.
  6. Occupational – Meaningful opportunities to contribute to your community through work, volunteering and mentorship programs.

When you move to Province Springs, it’s because you are looking for a welcoming place of exceptional quality that supports your well-being, fosters genuine connections and embraces your independence. The team at Province never loses site of what matters to you and they’re always inspired to reach for more—just like you. Because when we do, every day becomes remarkable.

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